Saturday, April 2, 2016

S.R. Council Agenda, April 5th


Again, thanks to our friend, Anne Seeley, from Concerned Citizens For Santa Rosa, for her analysis of next week's City Council agenda:


There is a 2PM Study Session before the 4PM regular meeting

3.1 Council Guide to Emergency Management Basics Part l.      The Council has a big role to play in the event of a large emergency, See below for more information.

3.2 Vision and Strategy of Code Enforcement.
   Staff will present a high-level overview of the principles of emergency management and the City's Emergency Response organization. This might include a proactive fee-based inspection program in the coming year.

Consent items

Report 13.1  Introduction to the Draft County-wide Climate Action Plan.  The plan is a collaborative effort among all 9 cities and Sonoma County to reduce greenhouse gases and respond to the impacts of climate change. 
It is recommended by Planning and Economic Development that the Council accept the report.

5PM Public Hearings

14.1 Parking Ordinance Amendment
   Current City code doesn't permit the use of parking fees for construction of on-street parking.  This amendment broadens the permitted uses of parking fees to include on-street parking.
    As the City considers how to add the 44 new parking spaces along the streets that being restored on the east and west of the Reunited Courthouse Square, this change will be helpful.

And finally, the schedule of upcoming meetings and their agendas:

I'll see you there!


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