Sunday, May 1, 2016

S.R. City Council Agenda, May 3rd


Interesting items on the May 3rd City Council Agenda, thanks to our friend, Anne Seeley, of Concerned Citizens For Santa Rosa:

Friends:     This is likely to be a long meeting, since the issue of rent stabilization is to be discussed.  It starts with Study Sessions at 2:30 on:

  3.1 Create a Framework for a Comprehensive Capital Improvement Program (CIP) that Considers All City Assets

  3.2 Railroad Square - Downtown Shuttle./  The potential for a circulating shuttle from the SMART station and Railroad Square to Courthouse Square will be discussed.
      What a good idea!

4PM Regular Meeting

6 Proclamations and Presentations
  6.2 Proclamation - Water Awareness Month and Water Use Efficiency Awards.   I love this event every year, in which people who have been creative and diligent in their water savings are recognized.  They are truly amazing!

Approval of minutes.  I don't usually talk about these, but there was a Special Session of the Council held at the Hilton Hotel that you might find interesting.

14.1 Direction to Prepare a Rent Stabilization Ordinance and Adoption of an Urgency Rent Moratorium Ordinance.
     If a majority of Council members votes to direct staff to prepare a Rent Stabilization Ordinance, the Council Subcommittee further recommends that the Council adopt a Rent Stabilization Urgency Ordinance to prevent rental increases while the ordinance if being prepared.  The Urgency Ordinance would require the votes of 5 Council members.

  14.2 Community Feedback to the Community Advisory Board (CAB) on Capital Improvement Program projects as required by City Resolution 28174

Written Communications
16.1 Letter of Support for State Senate Bill 1053 (Leno) regarding Housing Vouchers.  

And Last:   a listing of subjects coming up in the future:

See you there!   Anne

Anne Seeley

484-8722 (cell)

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