Monday, January 18, 2016

Santa Rosa City Council Agenda, January 19th


Our thanks to our friend, Anne Seeley, of Concerned Citizens For Santa Rosa.

There is a joint study session being held with the Council and the Planning Commission at 12PM (noon!)  The subject is "How Policy and Building Design Impact Tax Production."  The City has employed a consultant to help us understand how the variables in City policy either result in effects we don't want, or might produce more of what we want, such as affordable housing.  See the link and you won't have to come at noon, unless you want to brown-bag it:

3PM City Council Study Session
2.2 Sonoma County Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE).    In 2009, the Council authorized Santa Rosa's participation in the Sonoma County Energy Independence Program (SCEIP), which is Sonoma County's PACE program.  In 2014 Sonoma County created the PACE Financing Marketplace, expanding the financing options available to property owners.   City Staff will present an overview of the PACE Financing Marketplace options.

4PM Council meeting

Consent.  Various items, including  a donation of $220,000 from the Santa Rosa Parks Foundation to the City for the purpose of buying a new Howarth Park locomotive, while assigning all future donations for the ADA compliant rail coach.  There is also a separate item in which the Council may choose to buy this locomotive.
There is also and amendment to an agreement to include the City's Citibus in the Clipper Card, a Bay Area Transit Fare Payment Card.
Effective 1/17/16, CityBus will accept the Clipper Card and there will be a grand opening of the service later in February.

5PM Public Hearing
15.1 Zoning Code Amendment - Temporary Placeholder Ban on Commercial Cultivation of Medical Cannibis  Because of the way new State law is written, the City has until March 1, 2016 to regulate (or not) the Commercial production of Medical Cannibis.  We currently have code restrictions on where the dispensaries are located and how they may be concentrated.   Without City legislation, regulation of this industry would be limited to State control.  See below for more information:

See you there!   Anne

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