Friday, April 10, 2015

Thursday, April 9th, Joint County/City Roseland Annexation Committee Meeting


In his packed conference room on Thursday, Mayor Sawyer and Councilmember Combs, with Supervisors Zane and Carrillo attending, the long-awaited meeting of the minds seemed to occur.   Moving through an agenda of reports from staff, the moment came when Chuck Regalia suggested to Veronica Ferguson that a response from the County on the City’s cost analysis would be helpful in the next two months.  Prompted by a tribute to the City’s hard work by Supervisor Carrillo, the County Administrator identified a few issues which she said needed some collaborative meetings between key city and county staff.  Agreeing on how welcome the news from the City was, she then suggested that it might be time for the County to just accept the report, and move on to the discussion of how we move forward to close the deficit.  Councilmember Combs looked across the table and told her "You can't understand how happy hearing those words makes me".  I’ve seldom seen so much joy in a meeting as a result.  Mayor Sawyer commented, “After years of discussing this, we know what not to do.”  Responding to Supervisor Zane's insistence that they not delay, plans were then made to task their staff with clearing up the remaining questions so the Committee could meet again before summer recesses.

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