Saturday, April 11, 2015

Roseland Annexation Islands & Neighborhood Center Uses


A day which saw Sonoma County and the City of Santa Rosa moving toward agreement on the costs and revenue of Roseland Annexation, also revealed two other important news items.

In the Joint County/City meeting early in the day, several speakers from the small islands raised their objections to being annexed.  Citing the rural nature of their properties and lifestyles, Rena Raditch said she wanted her West Hearn community to remain rural.  She feared the zoning changes annexation would impose.   Rena Raditch summed it up with a question.  "Is there any way that we can bridge the reality of how we want to keep our living, and keep you guys happy with incorporating us?"    Chuck Regalia, Santa Rosa's Community Development Director, indicated that this effort was being undertaken with every intent to try to create zoning designations which support continuation of their lifestyles.  Backing up that assertion, Mayor Sawyer indicated that such creativity would not be limited to the islands.  "Much of what occurs in the heart of Roseland has such deep value to the community, we have to pay attention to that".

Later that day, at the County's Roseland Village Neighborhood Center meeting at the County Community Development Commission office, its Advisory Committee heard that the present shopping center site was open to use by nonprofit organizations upon request.  Indicating the variety of informal uses currently, staff encouraged applications from community groups who partner with such nonprofits and contact them.

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