Friday, March 6, 2015

Santa Rosa City Council Meeting, Tuesday, March 10th


Next Tuesday (3/10), the Santa Rosa City Council's agenda contains a report from the City Manager which requests their discussion and direction to him on the Open Government Task Force Report.  The Report, which was delivered to and accepted by the Council last December, has not been discussed yet.   Item 12.1 on Tuesday's agenda offers them a chance to respond to the recommendations, and give the City Manager direction on the variety of issues raised.  The item is located toward the end of the agenda.  Below is the summary from the staff report .

The recommendations of the Open Government Task Force fall into the following four groups:
1. Immediate Actions for Council
    1.1 Set a Council goal of “Open and Transparent Government”
    1.2 Set three strategic objectives for the organization
           Hire a communications director
           Adopt a sunshine ordinance based on Task Force recommendations
           Create a City mission statement which embraces community engagement
2. Develop a Culture that Values Public Engagement
3. Develop a Culture Focused on Communication
4. Develop Policies that Promote Openness Open Government Task Force Report Recommendations 

Staff seeks Council direction regarding implementation of these recommendations. Council may also wish to direct staff to provide additional information regarding proposed timelines and/or cost and resource impacts related to specific recommendations.


  1. Hi Gregory,

    Thanks for posting this! I think SRT should identify it's top 3-5 priorities for implementation. I imagine "hire community engagement director" will be the top priority. What else do we think should be worked on as soon as possible - new city web site; sunshine ordinance; ?


  2. We agree. The website needs to better partner with, and reflect, the opportunities for citizen engagement. It now reports on Santa Rosa government of 2013. It needs to be designed for SR2015. That means integrating the community resource links, reflecting the latest City initiatives, and developing a set robust communication streams by topic.

    Whether or not they ask CAB to monitor OGTF implementation, they need to design an easily-understood progress chart or webpage which helps all of us monitor the changes resulting from their recommendations.

    I've modified the SRT Blog page to include Stream pages for dialogues for the topics we have chosen for our strategic initiatives: OGTForce, Annex Outreach, Youth/Schools, Neighborhoods, Speakers, and Organization. The links are just below the calendar. I'm going to encourage us to use these page streams to assist our committee conversations. I know it's hard to not want to use emails, but I think we have a responsibility to create a more public and archivable conversation in our work.