Annex Outreach


  1. SRT has asked Steve Cancian, of Shared Spaces (consultnt hired by the City) for the list of proposed Steering Committee members for the combined Roseland Annexation Outreach/Roseland Area Specific Plan wok to be done over the next six months. We will report the response on this page when it is received. One of the main objectives of the selection was that it be well-representative of Roseland residents (50%), and that it contain a wide variety of local community interests.

    On April 7th, the City Council will be asked to review the proposed members, and determine if these goals have been met. If so, the list will be approved, and the Steering Committee will begin to meet and guide the Annexation Outreach/Specific Area Planning.

  2. Here is Steve's email today:

    HI Gregory,

    Thanks for following up. I'm looking forward to working together in Roseland.

    I've been given another two weeks to complete the first draft of the list. It should be ready on the 16th of March. I will send it to you as soon as it is publically available--I expect the City has a standard calendar of when the Council Packet materials are available to the public (you may know from your work).

    A couple of notes:
    Remember the nature of the committee membership: 1) is open-ended, so that the list going to council will just be a first report of who has agreed to join to date, and 2) it is open to anyone who willing to commit to participating for the entire process.
    So, please if there is anyone you or Santa Rosa Together would particularly like to see participate, please let me know, so I can prioritize reaching out to them...and encourage them to contact me or Jessica Jones at the City
    Lastly, when we met, the SRT board was soon to meet and I believe you and Pat were going to bring the topic of SRT representation in the process to the group. Are there other SRT reps in addition to you and Pat? I think you and Pat represent SRT well...but others are welcome.
    I'm on vacation starting today for a week.

    I will be back on the 16th and in Santa Rosa on the 18th and 19th. That week, I will followup with any people you think I should prioritize.

    Have a great week.


  3. Hi Again Gregory,

    I just noticed I mistakenly said the new deadline for assembling the initial list was March's March 23rd.

    I will followup with you the week of the 16th to let you know when the list will be available.



  4. SRT will partner with others to form and then work in a broad coalition of community leaders and organizations to:

    Work to ensure that the residents in SW Santa Rosa have a strong and organized voice in ongoing city and county outreach efforts, and

    Work with community leaders to form a community-wide organization in SW Santa
    Rosa that is community led and gives the community a strong and organized voice
    SRT, working as a part of the broad coalition, will work in and with the existing city and county outreach efforts to ensure that:

    The efforts are coordinated to ensure that community participation is maximized and that the participation helps to build the capacity of the community to work together

    The community has a strong and informed voice in the process
    The community’s voice is heard and incorporated into outcomes
    The need for an ongoing community voice and organization in SW Santa Rosa is discussed and supported

  5. Six members of the SRT Roseland Annexation/Sebastopol Road Specific Plan (RA/SRSP) Committee met today with Jessica Jones, Lisa Kranz, and Chuck Regalia of the Santa Rosa Community Development Department. Mike Cook, Lee Dibble, Art Deicke, Pamela Van Halsema, Ginny Doyle, and Gregory Fearon were briefed by city staff on their progress enlisting candidates for membership on the Steering Committee for the RA/SRSP projects. Forty-four individuals have agreed so far to serve on the Steering Committee, with almost 75% residing in the Roseland community. The Committee members and City staff shared strategies and ideas to support the Steering Committee work, identified several collaborative initiatives, and agreed to continue meeting. Here are important SASRSP dates:
    April 2nd - Release of staff report on City Website
    April 7th - City Council Reviews Steering Committee membership
    April 9th - Joint City/County Meeting on Annexation
    April 17th - First meeting of Technical Advisory Committee
    April 22nd - First Meeting of Steering Committee
    May 5th - Cinco de Mayo Booth for RA/SRSP
    May 20th First Community Meeting