ReImagining CityBus


Wednesday morning, November 18th, at 10am, the City of Santa Rosa Transit Department will hold a webinar to examine the different bus routes and schedules which have resulted from their initial round of community meetings to reimagine their CityBus system.  Here is a link to their webinar website, a YouTube Livestream.  The website also contains the proposed route maps, and an analysis of the differences between them, and the present routes.


  1. Hi Mr. Fearon,

    I am writing to let you know about a City of Santa Rosa project that is just beginning, and to see if there would be an opportunity for me to meet with you and/or other members of Santa Rosa Together to discuss the project and our public involvement plans. The project is Reimagining CityBus—the first comprehensive re-evaluation of the Santa Rosa CityBus system in 25 years. The goal of the project is to create a new service plan for the transit system in Santa Rosa that is better aligned with current needs and addresses operational issues that have impacted the reliability of our service over time. I have attached a one-page project summary, and more information is available at (I should also note, given Santa Rosa Together’s involvement with the Roseland Area Specific Plan process, that work on the Reimagining CityBus project will be coordinated with that of the Specific Plan process—there are areas of overlap for sure, and I will be in close contact with my colleagues in the City’s Community Development Department going forward.)

    In preparation for broader public outreach activities this spring and through the end of 2015, I am currently contacting a wide variety of stakeholders to get initial feedback on transit/transportation needs, opportunities, and priorities in Santa Rosa, as well as identify opportunities to extend the reach and depth of our public involvement work. It would be fantastic to connect with Santa Rosa Together to discuss these topics and get the group’s feedback as we roll out this effort. Please let me know if there might be an opportunity to do so in the coming weeks.

    Thank you for your time,


    Rachel Ede | Transit Planner
    Santa Rosa CityBus
    Transportation and Public Works Department
    100 Santa Rosa Avenue, Room 6 | Santa Rosa, CA 95404
    Tel. (707) 543-3337 | Fax (707) 543-3326

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