Monday, May 8, 2017

S.R. City Council Agenda, May 9th


Thanks once again to our friend, Anne Seeley, of Concerned Friends For Santa Rosa, for her analysis of this week's Santa Rosa City Council Meeting.

Friends:    The Study Session before the 4PM Council meeting starts at noon in the Council Chambers.  This is just the beginning of the budget-setting process.
   3.1 Review of Fiscal Year 2017/18 Department Budget Requests, Capital Improvement Program Funding requests and Community Promotions Funding Requests.  They will consider the bigger-budget department requests next week, 5/16, such as Police and Fire Recreation and Parks, Transportation and Public Works.
Below find a link to some general information about the budget - where it comes from and where it goes.

4PM Council meeting 
10 Mayor's and Council members Reports
10.1.8 Appointment of a City representative and an alternate to the Santa Rosa Plain Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA).  This new agency is one of 3 in Sonoma County just now being created (others are the  Petaluma River Watershed and Valley of the Moon watershed).  This is a State-mandated program.  California is the last state in the Union to implement groundwater sustainability measures.   Each agency will each make a GSA Plan by 2022 to ensure groundwater sustainability.  Each City in the SR Plain, the County, the Water Agency and a few others will have seats at the table.

14.1 Courthouse Square Reunification project Update.  I hope you've all had the chance to experience the new plaza.  There are still some things to be installed, but it is a great improvement over a street going through the heart of downtown.
99DA-4EF1-9E51-84AFA1D72B2D  Courthouse Square Update Staff Report

5PM   Public Hearing
15.1 DeTurk Winery Village.  The Council will consider two things that are recommended by the Planning Commission.  First, a vacation of city real estate adjacent to the project and second, awarding a Density Bonus of 35% increased density.  The project is at 9th and Donahue Streets.  To be built are 185 apartments, with 15 designated for low-income people, while maintaining 20,000 square feet of existing commercial buildings.
     Below are links to a map of the project site and then the justifications given for the increased density.

See you there!    Anne

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