Saturday, April 15, 2017

S.R. City Council Agenda, April 18th

Friends:    There is no Study Session before the 4PM meeting

7. Proclamations and Presentations
  7.1 Sexual Assault Awareness Week
  7.2 Roseland Beautification Week

8 Staff Briefings
  8.1 2017 Earth Day Onstage Festival

15 Report
  15.1 Approval of Amended and Restated Joint Exercise Powers Agreement for the Sonoma County Waste Management Agency (SCWMA).  This item is for the Council to decide to extend the agreement for one more year.

  15.2 Annual Police Auditing Report and Contract for a Professional Services Agreement with Robert Hunter Aaronson. 

  15.2 Request to Vacate Public Right of Way on Melita Road in 2 Areas

  15.4 Approval of the Preliminary 2017/2018 Regional Water Reuse Budget. This refers to the Subregional Wastewater Treatment Program that Santa Rosa administers.

15.5 Appointment Of City Attorney and  Approval of City Attorney's Employment Agreement.  It's to be Sue Gallagher, to be paid $17,083 per month.

16 Public Hearings 
  16.1 Gasparini Rezoning at 368 Yolanda Avenue from CG (General Commercial) to IL (Light Industrial).    Is this the same parcel on which considerable effort was applied several years ago because it maybe was going to be a Home Depot?

See you there!   Anne