Sunday, January 22, 2017

S.R.City Council Agenda, January 24th


Thanks once again, to our friend Anne Seeley, of Concerned Citizens For Santa Rosa, for her analysis of this week's City Council meeting agenda:


     By far, the most important reason for you to attend this meeting is the 5PM Public Hearing in which the public (you) are asked to offer your priorities for the Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Budget Year.  This is a significant time to speak up for projects or programs you deem very important.  The Council will  take heed of your input, even if they make other decisions.

1:30  The Council will meet as the Successor Agency to the defunct Redevelopment Agency, to approve repayment of funds as required by State law of 2012, which shut down Redevelopment Agencies statewide.  The amount owed is staggering - likely close to $4.5 Million.  

The Council will hold a closed session: Conference with Labor Negotiators for the Firefighters, Police Officer's Association, Operating Engineers, Maintenance and Utility System Operators, Santa Rosa Employees Association, SEIU Local 1021, Executive Management, City Attorney and Santa Rosa Attorneys' Association and Santa Rosa Management Association.   In other words, almost all employees.  I presume this is a preliminary meeting before each group goes to negotiation, but I don't know.

10.  Mayor's and Council Members' Reports
 10.1.2 Appointment of a Representative and Alternate to the Sonoma County Transportation Authority (SCTA).
 10.1.6 Appointment of a Representative and Alternate to Sonoma Clean Power Authority.
 10.1.7 Appointment of of the Council's Representative and Alternate to the Sonoma County Waste Management Agency (SCWMA).

10.3.1 Mayor's Appointments to County, Regional and State Positions.     The Mayor will ask for the Council's approval.

10.4 Matters for Council Regarding Future Agenda Items.  This is important because it allows individual Council members to bring up for official discussion matters that they think are important.
 10.4.1 Request for an agenda item to consider $20,000 of GAP funding for Legal Aid of Sonoma County.  The request was made by Council member Rogers on January 10, 2017.

14.1 Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Budget Amendment.  See in the link below how City Finances are being used and where changes are being made.

5PM  Public Hearing  Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Budget Priorities.  Each year, the Council holds this hearing to solicit from speakers and writers what they think must be emphasized in the coming year's spending.

See you there!


The budget hearing is specifically to hear the public priorities for spending. It is not a presentation of the existing budget but a way to get input in advance of planning the future budget. Tell us what you value?

And for your information here is the 2016 version of the full budget


Lacinda R. Moore

This link takes you to the page where you can write your budget comments if you cannot attend the CC mtg on Tuesday.

Judy Kennedy

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