Saturday, January 28, 2017

S.R. City Council Agenda, Jan 31st


Our thanks to our friend, Anne Seeley, of Concerned Citizens For Santa Rosa, for her analysis of this week's City Council agenda:

Friends:     There is no Study Session.

10.2 Request for Agenda Items.
 10.2.1 On 1/24/17, Mayor Coursey asked for an agenda item to discuss Santa Rosa Declaring Itself a Sanctuary City.  The Council will decide whether and when to have this discussion.

12.1 Roseland Area Plan Land Use Corrections.  The reason I include this item is that is shows the City Staff's responsiveness to landowners' needs during the Roseland Annexation mega-project.   When a few property owners on West Hearn Avenue who were required to annex but objected to the loss of some of their previous conditions, City Staff promised to alter their land-use designations to protect their conditions.    When the final document went before the City Council for Approval, these changes hadn't been included.
    BUT those residents checked the maps and appealed to staff to correct the Council's document to recognize what had been promised.
The moral?  Watch those legal documents all the way to final approval!

 14.2 Quiet Zones - Notice of Establishment.  Transportation and Public Works staff advise the Council on how to establish a Quiet Zone with respect to train horns sounding within City limits.  As SMART trains make their trial runs through the City, there has been some unhappiness expressed by people living adjacent to the RR.  The Council needs to send to the Federal Railroad Administration a Notice of Establishment to allow train operators some leeway in following the mandate of the Federal Railroad Agency that trains will sound their horns at all highway-rail intersections.  The Quiet Zone would be established from Bellevue Avenue to San Miguel Road on the north.

 14.3  Amendment to City Code regarding Public Works Contract Policy to approve Modifications and Additions that include a requirement for Prevailing Wage for all City Contracts.

 14.4 Update on the progress of the Courthouse Square Reunification project.

5PM Public Hearings
  15.1 DeTurk Winery Village.  The Council will hear an appeal of the Design Review Board and Cultural Heritage Commission's denial for approval for this project planned for the Northeast corner of the West End neighborhood.   185 housing units are planned.

See you there!   Anne

PS I am sorry to not include the staff reports and presentations as links, but haven't yet figured out how to do it with gmail.  You can see them if you look at the agenda on

(We're glad to add the links to key issues outlined by Anne) - SRT

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