Friday, October 7, 2016

S,R. City Council Agenda item - CHAP Guidelines


Here is the Powerpoint presentation which the City Staff are using to inform the City Council of the history, content, and intentions for the expansion of CHAP:

Pilot Program
• October 2015 Council approves initial pilot (CHAPP) for 2015/2016 winter months
• Safe parking, placement of portable toilets, temporary overnight shelter
• March 2016 Council extends by 30 days to April 30

Expanded Program
• July 2016 Council received a report from staff regarding an expanded year-round CHAP
• Council directed staff to work with the Homeless Policy Subcommittee to prepare appropriate ordinance amendments for an expanded CHAP

Homeless Emergency Declaration
• August 9, 2016 – action provides City with more flexibility to address homeless crisis
• Subcommittee prepares recommendations
• Strategy Adoption
• CHAP Guidelines
• Emergency Declaration Work Plan
• Prioritizes CHAP Guidelines

CHAP Guidelines Content
• Allow property owners to use their properties or facilities, which meet the Zoning Code definition for “Meeting Facility, Public or Private”, for a range of activities
• Safe parking or safe camping
• Placement and maintenance of portable toilets and access to existing bathroom facilities
• Provision of temporary overnight shelter
• Storage for personal belongings

CHAP Guidelines Intentions
• General operating guidelines – further refine as part of code amendment process
• Immediate implementation
• Allow interested parties to begin operations to further address the homeless crisis in Santa Rosa

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