Sunday, October 16, 2016

Oct 17th-22nd HUTS Schedule

HUTS construction schedule

Monday, Oct 17th
Clean up, Set up, Organize
Moving day from studio to site
Pick up lumber from Mead Clark
Check out the table saw
Cut plywood panels
Drill pocket holes in cross pieces
Assemble top deck frames
Pre-drill holes in deck side rails

Tuesday, Oct 18th
 Cut plywood panels
Prime and paint floor ply
Glue and staple plywood onto wall framing
Trim out for end walls

Wednesday, Oct 19th
Rip 3/4" for bay windows
Build bay windows, alternate window sides
Sand out lumber marks
Caulk interior
Paint interior

Thursday, Oct 20th
   Cut and frame ceiling panel
   Paint ceiling panel
   Install ceiling panel
Cut roof framing
Build roof
   Install vent mesh
   Install insulation
   Attach purlins and trim
Cut insulation
Rough frame for windows

Friday, Oct 21st
Install windows
Caulk exterior
Paint exterior

 Saturday, Ot 22nd
Cover roof
   Temp plastic sheeting
   Metal roof
       Cut panels to length
       Finish with flashing
   Cut rails and stiles
   Drill pocket holes
   Glue on plywood panels
   Attach hardware


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