Sunday, July 24, 2016

Santa Rosa City Council, July 26th


Much thanks to Anne Seeley, of Concerned Citizens For Santa Rosa, for her analysis of this week's City Council Agenda.

After last week's meeting (ending at 11:15PM) when the Council hashed out their planned actions regarding homelessness, the urgency of a Just Cause for Eviction Ordinance and considered which tax measures it will place on the November ballot, this will be a relatively straightforward meeting.

There is no Study Session.

4PM Meeting
11.2  City of Santa Rosa and Oakmont Village Association Agreement to provide a deviated fixed route bus service.   This is a continuation of that contract. 
Oakmont Village Bus Service

11.4 Ordinance Adoption - Requiring Just Cause Evictions in the City of Santa Rosa.  There was an attempt last week to pass this as an Urgency Ordinance, which failed, so it returns as a regular ordinance  This is a Bandaid for the renting public`to prevent them from being evicted unjustly while the City staff prepare the Rent Stabilization Ordinance for the Council. (Around me in Council Chambers last Tuesday, I heard 'suits' saying, "They wouldn't have this problem if they hadn't announced their Rent Stabilization plans.")  The standard, and understandable reasons for eviction will remain - failure to pay rent, violation of apartment safety rules, etc.
13.1 Certificates of Participation - Courthouse Square Project and 2007 Lease Refinancing.  This refinancing is explained in the report below.

13.2 Labor Agreement with unions for Firefighters, some Police, Bus Operators and City Attorneys
   A 2.5% Salary Increase across the board. Cost of the contract: $1,757,798, of which $1,118, 584 is a General Fund cost.  Where does the rest come from?

13.3 Labor Contract for Santa Rosa's Unit 10 - Executive Management. Again, a 2.5% salary increase.
13.4 Labor contract for Santa Rosa's Unit 11-Middle Management. Cost: $93,780, of which $79, 411 is a General Fund cost.
13.5 Amendment to Anti-harassment, Anti-Descrimination and Anti-Retaliation Council Policy.  This adds classes of 'protected persons' - City Volunteers and Unpaid City Interns. It also changes the reporting procedure if a Council member is involved.  The complaint would now go to the City Manager.

13.6 Emergency Declaration Concerning Homelessness. Last week the Council asked staff to prepare all 3 types of declarations.  Each has its benefits and restrictions.  The hope, according to Council member Tom Schwedhelm, is to reduce the number and rate to "functional zero."

See you there!

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