Sunday, June 5, 2016

S.R. City Council Mtg Agenda, Jun 5th


Our thanks to our friend, Anne Seeley, of Concerned Citizens For Santa Rosa, for this analysis of this week's City Council agenda.

The City Council will start meeting at 1PM in Closed Session with Labor negotiators; then with Legal Counsel about 3 potential cases of litigation.   I'm telling you this so you'll know they work hard for their large salaries.

4PM   There are no study sessions.

  14.1 Re-imagining CityBus Final PLan.    After a Public Hearing on May 24, where many speakers had comments on the draft plan, this plan is recommended.

  14.2 Santa Rosa Housing Report #5:  Housing Action Plan.   Starting in February, the Council set out on an investigation of what the problems and potential solutions are for the lack of affordable housing.  This is Report 5 of 6 total planned.

  14.3 Proposed Neighborhood Streets Initiative.
    Staff will present a proposed plan asking the City Council to fund (for $3 million) and initiate the plan.  Staff presented the idea to the Community Advisory Board (CAB) and what will be presented is CAB's recommendation.
     Santa Rosa's street quality ranks 82nd out of 109 Bay Area cities.  Read below and see why this approach for improvements is being suggested.

See you there!    Anne

Anne Seeley

484-8722 (cell)

And from our friend, Adrienne Lauby, of Homeless Action, for her alert on the Housing Action Plan.

Hi Everyone,

This Tuesday, the Santa Rosa City Council takes
up a looooonnnnnng list of housing policy changes.

Please attend and speak up.

Estimated start of item -- 5 pm. It could come
earlier as meeting starts at 4 pm or later since it's
not first. (these meetings are notoriously unpredictable)
100 Santa Rosa Ave.

We've asked the Council to revamp how they handle
housing in order to get more low-rent units built!

We've asked them to spend more money to subsidize
housing for poor people!

We've asked them to allow innovative ideas and
alternative types of housing!

We've asked them to tell developers that they must
build low-rent units in every project!

This list of changes could, cumulatively, do much of
what we've asked for.  And, wouldn't it be great to have a
bond measure on the Nov. ballot to raise money to
subsidize low-income housing projects?

Here's some of the items they are considering:

*Non-discrimination for VASH (Veterans) and HUD (Section 8) users

*Permit speeding up the process for approving housing--
this could include changes to public comment opportunities,
hillside ordinance, or mitigation for tiger salamanders

*Inclusionary housing and impact fees-- poor people's houses
in every development.

*Jobs - housing linkage fees - when people put in a large
new business they have to contribute to housing their

*A major bond for new affordable housing before the voters
in November.

and more...

From the Staff prepared "Housing Action Plan" (attached):

Pg 14 (item 2) The developer dedicates parcels for the for-
sale inclusionary units to a land trust -- It never gets more

Pg 17 Incentives for creating smaller units that are less
expensive by design -- Reward developers who build homes
for low-income people.

Pg 18  (Item 2) Review and revise provisions for “internal
conversion” of existing single family units to include “accessory
dwelling units -- Let people build on a space for additional
people in their houses

pg 22  Consider strategic acquisition and “banking” of land
suitable for affordable housing development -- buy property
that could be used for low-rent housing.

Homeless Action! member

(707) 795-2890

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