Sunday, June 26, 2016

Santa Rosa City Council - June 28th


Thanks to our friend, Anne Seeley of Concerned Citizens for Santa Rosa, for this analysis of this week's Council agenda:

Friends:  There is a 2PM Study Session before the 4PM meeting

3.1 Outlining the Polling Results.  This is to relate information gained regarding public sentiment on City services and matters that may come before the voting public in November.  It's about public sentiment on City financial matters such as extending sales taxes for specific purposes. CCSR has been encouraging the Council to place a reform measure on November's ballot for Measure O, that will change its formula for an ever-increasing budget for the Police and Fire Departments to a more moderate mechanism.  It looks as if the pollsters recommend that action to amend Measure O be delayed to a future year - disappointing.

14.1 City of Santa Rosa Wastewater Revenue Refunding bonds.  The City's wastewater system has over $250 million in bonds and State loans outstanding.
    More info below:

14.2 Collaborative Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Santa Rosa and the Santa Rosa School District to achieve low and/or moderate income housing for School District employees on Fir Ridge Drive.  Previous agreements had a deadline that this MOU extends up to 3 years and empowers the City Manager to extend farther if necessary.  This project has been under discussion since 1988.   I plan to encourage the Council to delineate their process for deciding whether low income or moderate income (or both) housing will be built, using guidelines that make sense for our current dire housing needs.

14.3 Appointment of Interim City Attorney.  The City Council seeks to relieve Interim City Attorney Molly Dillon while the city conducts a recruitment for the permanent City attorney position.   Interim City Attorney services will be provided to the City by the law firm of Renee Sloan Hotlzman Sakai LLP.

See you there!   Anne

Anne Seeley

484-8722 (cell)

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