Sunday, June 19, 2016

Santa Rosa City Council Agenda, June 21st


Thanks to our friend, Anne Seeley, of Concerned Citizens For Santa Rosa, for her analysis of this week's Council agenda.

Friends:   Happy Father's Day, everyone!
There are no Study Sessions before the 4PM meeting.

7 Staff Briefings
   7.1 Courthouse Square Reunification Project Update.   Staff will update the Council on the progress of the project.
   12.1 Contract Award for the City Hall Demonstration Garden and Low Impact Retrofit.  Work is to begin in August.

    12.5 First Amendment to the Miscellaneous Employees Contract for Wellness Services. The aim is to increase fitness and decrease health risk factors.

    12.6 The same wellness services for Public Safety employees.  The cost for both sets of services is $300,000 total.

    12.7 Appointment of the Interim City Attorney and Establishment of Compensation.  The appointee is Assistant City Attorney Molly Dillon and her initial compensation will be approximately $180,000.

   14.1 Extend and Modify CityBus Inter-Operator Transfer Policy to include SMART.  SMART riders will  be able to transfer multiple times without additional fares on CityBus within a 2 hour time limit. Hooray!  Some planning for connection to the train is so welcome!
    Service will also be extended to Golden Gate Transit and Sonoma County Transit.

   20.1 Upcoming meetings.  I'm particularly interested to see that next week, the Council will hear the results of polling the City has done regarding likely tax measures to go on the November ballot.    Measure O needs (IMHO) revision to be placed on the ballot to allow voters to make reasonable changes to it, but it might not happen.  Measure P, which will sunset in 2 years, needs renewal.  What else was polled, I don't know.

See you there!

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