Friday, May 27, 2016

S.R. Planning Commission Mtg, June 9th, Roseland Specific Plan

Mark your calendars!  A public hearing is scheduled for the Planning Commission meeting of June 9, 2016, at or after 4 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, City Hall, 100 Santa Rosa Avenue.  The Commission will take public comments on the following:

1.     Draft Environmental Impact Report;

2.     [endif]Draft Roseland Area/Sebastopol Road Specific Plan;

3.     Rezoning of incorporated areas for General Plan and Specific Plan consistency;

4.     Prezoning of unincorporated areas for General Plan and Specific Plan consistency; and

5.    Proposed General Plan, Downtown Station Area Specific Plan, Zoning Code and Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Amendments.

See attached Public Hearing Notice.

Please note, the Planning Commission will not be taking action on the draft documents and proposed amendments at the June 9th meeting, they will only be taking public comment and providing direction to staff.  Action will be taken (in the form of recommendations to the City Council) at a future meeting.

The following information was included in an e-mail I sent out on May 20, 2016, and is included again for anyone who may have missed that e-mail:

The Specific Plan is a planning level document that addresses land use, circulation and infrastructure needs for the area located around the Southside Bus Transfer Center in southwest Santa Rosa (see attached map), and was developed based on community input at four workshops over the last year.  As part of the project, and in order to implement the Specific Plan, amendments to the General Plan, Downtown Station Area Specific Plan, Zoning Code and Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan are proposed, as well as rezoning and prezoning of parcels.

The proposed Zoning Code amendments include the addition of proposed regulations to allow mobile food vending on private property along Sebastopol Road (between Stony Point Road and Olive Street), scenic road standards for Burbank Avenue, increased time for re-tenanting of nonconforming uses/businesses between Sebastopol Road and the Joe Rodota Trail, and a Rural Heritage (-RH) Combining District that would apply to the W. Hearn Avenue neighborhood.

The Draft EIR covers not only the Specific Plan, but the potential Roseland Area Annexation, which includes five unincorporated County islands in southwest Santa Rosa.  Please note, the annexation is not being reviewed at this time.  Should the City Council decide to proceed with annexation, the EIR will provide the necessary environmental review for the annexation application.  This portion of the annexation process only includes consideration of prezoning of the unincorporated areas. 

Hard copies of the Draft Roseland Area/Sebastopol Road Specific Plan and Draft EIR can be found at the following locations:

Roseland Community Library (779 Sebastopol Road)
Central Santa Rosa Library (211 E Street)
City of Santa Rosa’s Planning and Economic Development Department (100 Santa Rosa Avenue, Room 3)
City of Santa Rosa’s City Manager’s Office (100 Santa Rosa Avenue, Room 10)

Links to the electronic version of each document:

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