Sunday, March 6, 2016

S.R. Council Agenda, March 8th, 2016


Many thanks to our friend, Anne Seeley of Concerned Citizens for Santa Rosa:

There are no study sessions before this meeting.

4PM Meeting
Among Consent items is this:  11.3 An Ordinance to Allow Cannibis Cultivation in several industrial zone categories, with a conditional Use Permit. Find the ordinance below:

13.1 Sonoma County Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Financing Marketplace.  In 2009 the City Council approved the city's participation in the Sonoma County Energy Independence Program (SCEIP), which is a type of PACE program.  In 2014 the county created the Sonoma County PACE Financing Marketplace, expanding the financing options available to property owners.  The Council is offerer several choices, which are explained in the link below:

13.2 Amend the Art In Public Places.  Currently the Art in Public Placed Committee (APPC) is comprised of a combination of 4 members of City Boards and Commissions, 2 Council members and 4 public at-large members and there is a Public Art Master Plan in place.  There is interest in revamping much of the Public Art Policy and in changing the method of selection of the at-large public members to the way in which other Board and Commission members are selected - by individual Council members.  
The Council has several selections in the way they can go ahead:

5PM Public hearings
14.2 Appeal of the Planning Commission's approval on 12/10/15 of the proposed addition in Oakmont of a complex of 4 multi-use sport courts, along with a reduction in parking.
As you might expect, the stress is on parking, with the appellants' contention that one notice of the planning Commission's planned proceedings didn't include the words "with a reduction in parking".   The courts would likely be used for pickleball.

Upcoming meetings:

See you there!   Anne

Placemaking in Roseland


The Sonoma County Community Development Commission has conducted a series of meetings at the Roseland Community Center over the last two weeks to "Placemaking" to the Center's design planning.  Taking direction from the Project for Public Spaces, Ruthie Snyder has led participants through exercises which seek to determine possible uses for two current sites on the property.  Following guidelines to embrace ten different activities, and keep it simple, flexible, and cheap, Snyder gathered more ideas and followers yesterday at the Center.

In the 3-5 years before the Commission expects to complete the Roseland Village development, its staff hopes that these placemaking exercises will shape the uses of available land and resources.  For zmore information, contact Ruthie Snyder Consulting at, or stop by the Center at 779 Sebastopol Road..

Friday, March 4, 2016

Meeting Reports


Much of what SRT Steering Committee members do is attend meetings.  Most of the meetings are with other groups, but we have regular meetings with city and county leaders too.  Following our recently-adopted "Everyone has a Voice" tagline, we are advocating for open and easily-accessible civic participation processes in which all of us can express our opinions, and guide public policy.

So we are constantly asking when and how and by what processes can community members and organizations learn about what is being proposed to change in our City, and what is being planned for their participation in the decision-making.  When we find something out, we use our calendar, this blog, our Facebook page, and our Newsletter to inform our members and the broader community.

We are also active within other organizations and community committees.  In both Roseland and the Southwest area's community planning, and homeless/affordable housing initiatives, we are actively participating in bringing about actions to build strong neighborhood control and community solutions.

We welcome your thoughts, your interest, and your participation.  Feel free to contact Lawrence Lehr or Pat Kuta with your questions or comments.