Friday, February 19, 2016

Roseland Annexation News at Los Cien Meeting today

At the Los Cien meeting today in the Roseland Village Community Center, county and city officials provided reports on developing projects of interest to the over 200 attendees.  Santa Rosa’s annexation of Roseland was the centerpiece of the presentations, with Board of Supervisors Chair Efren Carrillo and Assistant City Manager Chuck Regalia delivering updates on their activities and status.  

Chuck began by outlining the process of the annexation, and the details of the City’s request for a multi-year finance partnership with the County to address the huge infrastructure and operational costs anticipated.  Efren then offered a preview of a response which would be provided to the City in “early-to-mid March”.  It was a commitment that the County will (underline indicates County offer):
·      Share one-time costs and ongoing costs for ten years.  City indicated costs were $1.3 million in start-up costs, and $1.1 million/year for ten years to close the gap between revenue received and operating costs.  Apparent agreement.
·      Fund $6.62 million in road improvements, and share costs and partner with the City in the pursuit of outside funding for street lighting and street completions.  City asked for $1.8 million for ten years.  City and County are $11-$12 million apart.
·      Complete current projects in Southwest Santa Rosa.
·      Complete Roseland Creek Community Park.  City asked for $3 million to acquire the middle section of the park, and Efren indicated that the County was interested in that purchase.  City asked for $1 million to improve the north section, and $4 million to improve the south section.  Neither were mentioned by the County.  City asked for $800,000/year for ten years.  County did not mention ongoing payments.  City and County are $13 million apart.
·      Complete 7 miles of Class I bike trail between Joe Rodota Trail and Colgan Creek Trail.
·      Maintain Joe Rodota Trail.
·      Complete Roseland Village.

Chuck responded with the City’s thanks for the County’s commitments, and said they were looking forward to the written proposal and continued talks.

Additionally, Caryl Hart and her staff detailed the progress that the County Parks Department is making developing the Moorland Community Park (Andy’s Unity Park), and indicated that it could be open in less than a year.

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