Monday, February 1, 2016

Santa Rosa City Council Agenda, February 2nd


Much thanks to our friend, Anne Seeley, of Concerned Citizens For Santa Rosa:

There is a 1PM Study Session

3.1 Reimagining CityBus   There has been an extensive study of services provided, many meetings with stakeholders, and now a report to Council members.  There is extensive information appended to the agenda, but I wasn't able to add the link.  See, click on Government, then on Agendas/Videos and you can select the 2/2/16 agenda.

3.2 Background and information on the legal non-conforming land use and current status on code complaints regarding the Bodean asphalt plant operations.  Recently 2 sound tests corroborated neighborhood complaints about Bodean's excessive noise in their operations.  From the newspaper article I recall, they promised to take action on this.

4PM meeting
Proclamations and Presentations
6.1 Proclamation - Black History Month
6.2 Proclamation - Redwood Empire Chinese Association


14.1 Introduction to Plan Bay Area.  This regional planning effort by the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) undergoes regular updating and this item is to update the Council. 

Public Hearings
15.1 Fiscal year 2016/17 Public Hearing on Budget Priorities

Upcoming Meetings:

See you there!

Anne Seeley

484-8722 (cell)

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