Monday, October 26, 2015

S.R. City Council meeting, Tuesday, Oct 27th


A report on the upcoming Santa Rosa City Council Meeting, thanks to Anne Seeley, of Concerned Citizens For Santa Rosa.


At 3PM there's a Study Session on the City's Parking Program; its current status, money matters, etc.

14.1 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the County and City about a new Santa Rosa Charter School to be organized at 815 Brookwood Drive.  The agreement obligates the City for planning authority over the use of the Garrett and Kraft Buildings on the Fairgrounds property, which is owned by the County.  More details can be found in the link below.

14.2 Community Homeless Assistance Pilot Program (CHAPP) - Safe Parking, Portable Toilets and Temporary Shelter.  The City proposes to allow property owners who meet certain Zoning Code Requirements to allow the placement of the uses listed above, on their property.  See the link below for the staff report and more details.

See you there!    Anne

PS At last week's meeting, neighborhood leader Tom Sawyer spoke at Public Appearances to present the Council the many petition signatures gathered requesting a simpler application process for Neighborhood Block Parties.  In his Bennett Valley neighborhood, he and his neighbors have enjoyed block parties, but find that the applications to fill out in order to close off a (non-arterial) street have gotten longer and more complicated.
YOU, TOO, could present such a request.

See you there!

Anne Seeley

484-8722 (cell)

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