Monday, August 10, 2015

S.R. Downtown Subcommittee Hears Plea from Merchants


Last week, I attended a meeting of the Santa Rosa Downtown Subcommittee at which three members of the City Council (Wysocky, Coursey, and Olivares) heard a plea from downtown's merchants to move forward with a phased approach to revitalizing the downtown square.  Outlining their traffic and parking suggestions, and identifying the variety of ways to finance the changes, they requested the Council take action at its September 22nd meeting in order to advance construction early next year.

Here is a video containing the audio of the meeting, with some photos from the web of the square.   Sorry the volume is low, I used a recording app on my IPod Touch.

Here is a link to a city webpage detailing what the City of Oakland is doing to engage its citizens in discussing their downtown planning.

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