Monday, August 3, 2015

S.R. City Establishes On-Line Community Discussion on Roseland Roads and Pathways

Roseland Area Projects Steering Committee Members,

Thank you to all of the members who participated in the on-line survey asking for ideas on possible topics for a series of small community group meetings that will be held in August.  We received a great response from the community! 

We now have a new question:  Where would you like to see new roads and pathways in the Roseland area that would help you move around the area better?  This question is a follow-up to one of the activities we had at the last Community Workshop.  Rather than a survey, this is an open discussion.  I sent out an e-mail this morning to our e-mail distribution list for the Roseland Area Projects asking everyone to participate.  

You can also find the survey on the project website ( by clicking on the “Get Involved! | ¡Participe!” link at the left side of the page. 

As we did with the survey, we are asking all Steering Committee members to participate in the on-line circulation discussion, and to forward this e-mail to others in the community that may not be on our distribution list.  The discussion will be available until August 16th.  A new question will be posted every few weeks, and I will send an e-mail to you each time a new question is posed.

Thanks so much for your continued participation!


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