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Santa Rosa City Council, August 4th

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There is no study session before this 4:00 PM meeting

5.1  Proclamation Honoring Former Council member Jake Ours.  His obituary is in today's Press Democrat.
5.2 Proclamation for National Health Care Centers Week.  This proclamation honors the tremendously beneficial effect that health care clinics have in providing preventive care and health care for low-income people.  In particular, the proclamation lauds Santa Rosa's Community Health Centers for providing medical, dental and mental health services to many who have no other options.

6.1 Staff Briefings 
6.1  7th Annual Gang Prevention Gang Awareness Week


11.3 Amend the Smoking Ordinance recently approved. Specifically, include Outdoor Service Areas in the prohibition of smoking.  Such areas are ATM lines, outdoor food vending lines, movie lines, bus stops and shelters.  The original document referenced Indoor Service Areas only.

13.1 Reimagining CityBus Service and Scheduling.  This project was begun in January of this year, with the purpose of maximizing the convenience and efficiency of the system,  See more below:

Public Hearings
As often  happens, a public hearing is held so that the public can voice objections to the specific properties that will have weed abatement actions carried out on them.    This item is for more general comment on the City's Weed Abatement Program.

15.1  A letter from the council in support of a resolution by Senator Mike McGuire to rename Annadel State Park to Henry F. Trione Annadel State Park.
15.2 A letter of support for Santa Rosa's application for National Park Services' Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program.
   This would perhaps provide funds for the future South East Greenway project, to help to acquire the 2 mile swath of land that is now a vacant State Right-of-Way to use for community benefit. 

Upcoming meetings, which includes the large number of study sessions that the Council just asked for to consider in depth the issues highest in their goals list.  See below:

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