Saturday, June 6, 2015

Santa Rosa City Council, June 9th Agenda


Once again, our friend Anne Seeley of Concerned Citizens for Santa Rosa, has summarized for us what to expect at the June 9th City Council Meeting this week:

 Friends:    This Council meeting is where you'll see in the study session the reaction of the City Council to suggestions of options they want to take to assist the homeless.

1:30 Start Time ( although the study session might not start right on the dot).
Study Session
3.1 Review of Currently Provided Homeless Services and Responses.  Following the first Study Session on May 19, in which the Council reviewed the variety of homeless services provided by the city and the community, today's session is more action-oriented.   The Council will hear about other from staff.  They might direct staff to maintain, adapt or expand its efforts on homelessness. See the presentation below:

11.1 Approval of MPSAs - Master Professional Service Agreements.  The Department of Transportation and Public Works (where the bulk of the big-money city projects happen) has a process of pre-qualifying consultants they will use.  Here, four more consultant groups are being considered, which, if approved, will bring the number of such consultants to 87.  The curious thing to me is that these consultants will be eligible for projects in Fiscal Year 2015/16 totaling $15 Million, which was already approved by the Council.  Which projects and how much for each? See the presentation below:

13.1 Sonoma County Waste Management Agency (SCWMA) Extension Discussion.
   In 1991 the City joined the county and other cities to form the SCWMA .   The agreement expires is 2017.  This discussion (like those going on at the County and in other cities) is about whether to extend the agency.
One major issue is the impending closure of the Sonoma County Composting site. 

No Public Hearings

19.1  Upcoming meetings.  See below:

I'll see you there!

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