Sunday, June 14, 2015

Santa Rosa City Council, June 16th


There's no study session before the 4PM meeting.

9.3  Matters from Council on Future Agenda Items.
  9.3.1  On June 2, Council member Wysocky asked  for and Councilwoman Combs seconded a future agenda item to discuss vacation rentals.  They will discuss and decide whether to place this on a future agenda and ask the City Manager to inform them if staff has room in their schedules to prepare for this.

13.1 The Santa Rosa Tourism Business Improvement Area (SRTBA) was established in 2010.   They make an annual report to the Council on their activities and budget matters.  More information is below: 

5PM Public Hearings
14.1 Adoption of the Proposed City Budget for Fiscal Year 2015/16 and the FY 2015/16 Capital Improvement Program Budget (CIP).
   At the study sessions on May 2 and May 9, the Council heard budget requests from each department's head and they will hear from them again.  Here's the presentation to be made:

14.2  Shall the Council Approve Fees for Various Recreation and Park Facilities and Services?
   The facilities fees increases are for two new rooms at the Steele Lane Community Center, the Finley Center, including the Person Senior wing, the DeTurk Roundbarn, Rosie the Trolley hourly fees and the Ridgeway Swim Center.  More below:

Both Public hearings will be continued on Wednesday morning, 9 AM, June 17 at a special meeting.  If they don't finish, they might press on Thursday morning at 9AM, June 18.

With all of this smashed into this week's meetings, there will be no Council meeting next week.

See you Tuesday!

Anne Seeley

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