Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Upgrading the S.R. Neighborhood Public Notice Map


Our handy neighborhood public notice map is being improved.  Up to now, public notices have been added to the map as they were added to the City's website.  Usually, the life of a public notice for a specific step along the approval process (temporary use permits at the CDA office, design review application approvals and appeal with the Zoning Administrator, project approvals at the Planning Commission or City Council) is a very short time at each step.  One the notice expired, we took it off the map.

But if the map is to be useful, we should be following the progress of the property or issue.  So we're slightly modifying the way that information is added and displayed.  Chronologically, items will be added to the map (it can hold 2,000 at a time), and each placemark will contain up to 10 links to urls holding information on the item.  That way, anyone can view a large variety of sequential staff reports, blog entries, and social network commentaries.  It will begin to provide a more detailed historical look at our city's proposed changes to its properties and infrastructure.

We're doing it because we believe that earlier and more comprehensive information will improve the possibilities for collaboration within our community.

Let us know what you think of the map as it develops by commenting on this post, or sending me an email (Gregory Fearon).

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