Monday, January 26, 2015

Community Engagement Strategy Comments

Santa Rosa City Council
Jan 27th Meeting
Community Engagement Strategy Plan for the
Roseland Area Specific Plan and Annexation

1.    Annexation Community Engagement is not the junior partner of the Specific Area Plan and EIR.  As designed, this Plan gives inadequate attention to the developing strong local community engagement  for Roseland's annexation planning.

2.    The Steering Committee is inadequately defined, selected, and authorized to undertake the creative and innovative measures needed to engage all partners in this important process.  Recruiting and developing key stakeholders, whose trust and involvement are essential requires clearer direction than defined in this Plan.  It will also require more timely meetings than is budgeted, and more outreach strategies than described.

3.    Who’s steering this effort?  There is no interaction or meetings combining the Technical Assistance Team and the Steering Committee, leaving the undefined Project Team in control.  Shouldn’t the Project Team and Technical Assistance Team be guided by the Steering Committee?  

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