Friday, October 3, 2014

Santa Rosa Capital Improvements Map


Next Tuesday, the Santa Rosa City Council will be asked to adopt an update to its Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Plan.  The report summarizes what was accomplished last spring, how the financing is going, and what is left to be accomplished.  Though the report indicates that the City's website contains detailed information on the CIP, it's not easy to find it.  So I created a Google Map online to help all of us learn about the projects.

After I published the post, I found the City's GIS Division webpage had a similar CIP map.  Staff use this map to keep themselves current on the projects.

It was a useful learning experience for me to absorb all of the information about CIP projects, but it also confirmed my belief that much more work is needed to better publicize the work of the city.  Future quarterly update reports on the CIP should contain a link from the agenda to the City's Map.

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  1. I'd like to see the Farmers Lane Ext cancelled or route altered... it is so close to Taylor Mt area and goes thru some exceptional open space...