Wednesday, June 21, 2017

New Proposed Goals for Santa Rosa

Proposed New Goal Categories for Discussion
1.   Community safety, valued City services and open government Santa Rosa is a safe and healthy place and has the right mix of services supported by effective internal services operating within open government practices.
2.   Economic development and financial stability Santa Rosa sustains a strong, diversified economic base that continually renews itself, and has a structurally balanced budget with sufficient reserves in all funds to weather economic shifts for long-term sustainability of City services.
3.   Housing and homelessness Santa Rosa actively supports housing for all, including effective strategies that help homeless individuals become healthy and self-sufficient.
4.   Infrastructure and transportation Santa Rosa regularly invests in its transportation, roads and infrastructure to keep pace with community needs and protect its assets.
5.   Neighborhood partnerships and cultural assets Santa Rosa promotes thriving neighborhoods; complements the efforts of others in preserving its heritage; and promotes community vibrancy through cultural and recreational activities.
6.   Environmental sustainability Santa Rosa protects and improves the environment in arenas over which the City has influence of control.

Next Steps Regarding Goal Categories
·     Staff will bring a discussion of the six proposed goal categories and aspirational statements to the Council and seek feedback and either modification or confirmation. The interest is in having a revised set of broad goals that can be placed in the City’s operating budget and on the website. Additionally, a future step will be to identify how the Tier 1 and 2 priorities help move the City forward in achieving these broad goals.

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