Saturday, June 11, 2016

Santa Rosa City Council Agenda, June 14th

Thanks to our friend, Anne Seeley, of Concerned Citizens For Santa Rosa, for this analysis of this week's Santa Rosa City Council meeting agenda:

There is no study session before this 4PM meeting
  12.1 Intention to Reimburse for the Courthouse Square Reunification Project (CSR Project).  Without a vote by the Council to reimburse the City's General Fund after the planned bond financing vehicle comes through, by law the General Fund wouldn't be able to be reimbursed.

14.1 City Agreements for Homeless Services.  Its partners in providing services are the Community Action Partnership and Catholic Charities. 

  14.2 Contract for Professional Services Agreement with Urban Economics, at a cost of $227,200, to complete the nexus studies already underway that are necessary to update 4 current Impact Fees for development.  Added (remarkably, as this has been suggested for years) will be a nexus study for a commercial linkage fee.

  14.3 Professional Services Agreement for the Southeast Greenway project work.  This year-long study will result in a General Plan Amendment, Rezoning and EIR for this 57-acre gem of a land use conversion project.

  14.4 Second Amendment to the Professional Services Agreement with Economic and Planning Systems (EPS) .   This work will allow the completion of the Housing Action Plan that was just unveiled last week.  Much work is still needed on it to make it useful.

  14.5 Rescinding Stage 1 - Mandatory of the Santa Rosa Urban Water Shortage Contingency Plan,  Starting in 2014, the council adopted, at the State's direction, water saving measures to reduce community-wide water consumption by 20%. After a better rain year, the State has eased its drought restriction.
It makes such good sense to me to keep the regulation to limit landscape irrigation to the hours of 8PM to 4AM.  Why let water be evaporated off of landscape areas?
  14.6 Amendment to the Measure O Implementation Plan.  This amendment would take 6 affirmative votes.    After voters passed the Measure O quarter cent sales tax measure in 2004, the Council approved an Implementation Plan for use of the funds.  There's a high bar for altering the Plan, for good reason.
  In November, 2015 the Council approved a new format for the Implementation Plan and this vote will ratify those changes.  See below for more information:

Public Hearings  Item 15.1 will likely be started at this 6/14 meeting, but then will continue at the 9AM session the next day, June 15 at 9AM.  Item 15.3 will be on 6/15 also.
15.2 Adoption of the City of Santa Rosa FY 2016/17 Operations and Maintenance Budget and FY 2016/17 Capital Improvement  Program Budget.

  15.3 Approval of Fees for Recreation and Parks Facilities and Services.  This Public Hearing will be held after the General Fund Budget item, on 6/15.  See below for more information:

I won't see you there.  I'll be out of town that day, but I hope some of you attend and tune in.
Thanks!    Anne

Anne Seeley
484-8722 (cell)

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