Sunday, August 9, 2015

Santa Rosa City Council, Aug 11th


Once again, Anne Seeley of Concerned Citizens For Santa Rosa provides a report on the City Council meeting coming up on Tuesday:

Beyond the first 2 links to staff reports, my copy/paste inclusion of staff report links went kablooey.  Sorry.   You can see the whole agenda on

Friends:    There is a 3PM Study Session 
3.1  Restroom Options for the Unsheltered.    Staff have provided an overview of potential ways to provide this most basic service to homeless people.  See below:

11.1 Authority to accept $110,000 in funding (which comes from an assessment on all water users) from the Sonoma County Water Agency.  Santa Rosa participates in a Memorandum of of Understanding (MOU) with other water contractors to conduct outreach efforts and education on water conservation.  This particular funding is proposed to expand Santa Rosa's Take it From the Tap program (TAP) and implement a regional local tap water campaign throughout Sonoma County and Northern Marin.
The objective is to inspire, educate and encourage behavioral change regarding water conservation.  See below:

13.1 Professional Services Agreement with Creative Thinking, Inc., dba The Idea Cooperative for destination marketing of Santa Rosa.
  The cost is $190,000, which would come from the City's portion of the Santa Rosa Tourism Business Improvement Area (SRTBIA) funding.   The SRTBIA was approved as an entity by the City in 2010 as an alternative to increasing the Transient Occupancy Tax.

13.2 Grant Agreement for the Homeless Outreach Services Team (HOST).  HOST is sponsored by the County of Sonoma and administered by Catholic Charities.  HOST is a multi-disciplinary outreach team that works to engage unsheltered homeless people into services and ultimately housing as apart of the 'Housing First" model.
The proposed agreement would provide $415,000 to Catholic Charities to fund the program from 8/15/15 through June 30, 2016.

13.3 Roseland Area Projects Update.  In 2014 the City bagan work on 2 projects in the Roseland area: the Roseland Area Annexation and the Roseland Area/Sebastopol Road Specific Plan.  There's also the Roseland Village Neighborhood Center, Bayer Neighborhood Park and Gardens, Roseland Creek Community Park and the Stone Point Road widening and Hearn Avenue overcrossing projects.
This report will update the Council on the status of each of these projects.

5:00PM Public Hearing
14.2 Adoption of Revised Animal Services Fees.    Sonoma County Animal Services (SCAS) provides sheltering, administration and field services to Santa Rosa, the Town of Windsor and the unincorporated areas of the county.  They're also responsible for rabies control throughout the county.
Increased fees are proposed to help recover the cost of SCAS services.

See you there!    Anne

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