Thursday, April 23, 2015

2015-17 Council Goals Workplan Adopted, Tuesday, April 21, 2015


On Tuesday, the Santa Rosa City Council adopted its 2015-17 Council Goals Work Plan.  In it, were the following goals:

Implement Open Government Task Force Recommendations
Goal                                                                    Resp Depts                            Date Completed
Hire Director of Community Engagement          CMO                                       SEP 2015
Create Mission Statement, Vision and Values   CMO                                       MAR 2016
Adopt Sunshine ordinance                                 CA/CMO                                 MAR 2016
Adopt Roseland Annex Agreement with Co       CD                                          APR 2016
Update website                                                   IT                                            JUN 2016
Adopt a spec plan/EIR for Southwest SRosa     CD                                          SEP 2016
Start annex processes for Roseland Annex       CD                                          OCT 2016
Develop workplan for other County areas,
evaluate costs,, and bring to Council                  CD                                          BEYOND 18 MO.

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